By: Joy Schoffler


As we get closer to the sixth annual AARP [email protected]+ LivePitch event in April, I’m becoming even more excited to be attending, as well as to have the privilege of serving on the event’s advisory board. The organization’s decision to include fintech as a new category this year underscores their commitment to improving the lives of their membership with the latest technological innovations, and I’m thrilled to be a part of these next steps forward.

Start-ups, start your engines! 

As a member of the SXSW advisory board, executive chair of the FinTech Professionals Association, and principal of Leverage PR, a full-service public relations firm with a focus on fintech clientele, I constantly get the chance to meet with start-ups and hear them talk about the next big innovative solution. It’s one of my very favorite parts of my work.

Events like this AARP pitch competition are a tremendous opportunity for start-ups to get in front of their market to discuss new ideas and get feedback. There’s no substitute for presenting ideas to a live target audience for gauging whether they’re on the right track — or if some changes need to be made before they’re a go for launch.

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your hats!

The audience isn’t left out of the fun. During pitch meetings, they have the delightful experience of seeing the future as it unfolds. Each new idea that’s presented has the potential to be Alice’s-looking-glass levels of wonderful. And after seeing what the future holds, audience members can look forward to how their lives will be improved with the advent of these new ideas. In short, pitch events are hugely beneficial both to those start-ups and the populations they serve.

Fintech will be an especially positive addition for AARP audience members considering how important financial health is to our overall well-being as we age. Financial health determines our quality of life, where we spend retirement, what sorts of activities we have the means to do, which medicines we can afford — there is no aspect of our lives that isn’t affected in some way by our financial health. By including fintech in the pitch competition, AARP is helping its members have greater access to tools and resources that serve to overcome fear and increase opportunity by giving people greater control over their personal finances.

Come one, come all.

I’m honored to be a part of the pitch competition — and can’t wait to see what fintech start-ups have in store for us. Save the date: Wednesday, April 12 to Thursday, April 13. It should be quite the show!

And good news fintech startups, AARP has extended the deadline to apply to be considered to pitch at the event until Friday, February 10. Go now to  to submit your fintech start-up.