16 Reasons Why…we love working at Caliber.

Posted on May. 18, 2021
Working at Caliber

In honor of being listed 16th on O’Dwyer’s 2021 leading firms in financial services and fintech – our amazing team wanted to share 16 reasons why they love working at Caliber!

To kick this off, here’s what Senior Director, Stephen Sumner had to say…

  1. “I love working at Caliber because of the people. We’re a team of hard-working, dedicated and creative communications pros who want to make a difference in our clients’ business.”Here’s what the rest of the team had to say…
  2. “I thrive at Caliber because I’m surrounded by some of the most creative minds in fintech and financial communications. Being able to collaborate with my team – and minimal red tape – means the ideas formed during our strategic brainstorms ultimately come to fruition.”
  3. “The people here really know their stuff. They provide thoughtful counsel to clients and have a great grasp on the industries their clients operate in.”
  4. “The various opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge on a broad range of topics. Working at Caliber has allowed me to learn about tons of niche topics that I’ve been able to resonate with, explore and learn more about.”
  5. “The #1 reason I love working at Caliber is my team. Not only are each one of my colleagues brilliant communicators and strategists, but they’re all without exception incredibly kind, compassionate, and encouraging people who value and support one another. The team members at every level make a distinct effort to recognize each other’s accomplishments, welcome and foster new ideas, and take time for mentorship and team bonding.”
  6. “Because we get to be a part of our clients’ success as an extension of their teams.”
  7. “The opportunity to grow and figure out what you love – and let the Company help support you in your development and individual growth!”
  8. “I get to work with some of the most innovative fintech startups in the country and learn about new technologies that are disrupting the financial services industry.”
  9. “Working at Caliber is awesome because of our wide-ranging and fascinating clientele. While all generally under the umbrella of fintech, each of our clients is incredibly distinct in the services they offer and their niche areas of specialty. They are all innovative and forward-thinking organizations, and it is a privilege to employ creativity to determine the most effective ways to uniquely collaborate with and support each one.”
  10. “I love that the leadership genuinely cares about our professional development and continually pushes all of us to grow”
  11. “Whether it’s a mentor chat, a learning session or in a brainstorm, Caliber gives its employees the opportunity to grow and reach their potential. We live and breathe fintech and financial services, but are constantly looking for new ideas and perspectives from anywhere and anything. We are well-rounded, creative and collaborative. Caliber is a place to be challenged and learn new things everyday.”
  12. “I’m able to work with great people that challenge me to think outside of the box and explore new ideas. The collaboration and brainstorm sessions are some of my favorite things about working at Caliber.”
  13. “From the very first conversation I had with our founder, I have been afforded (what feels like a luxury!) to be 100% honest about what I am (and am not) “good at” – and share the reasons why. This was (and is) instrumental in harnessing the power of my skill set in an industry that consistently inspires me to produce work that makes me proud.”
  14. “It is a very flexible environment where work/life balance seems to be valued. You can raise your hand and try new things, but also receive the support you need.”
  15. “I’ve never felt more aligned with a company’s business principles, ethics and goals. Being part of an award-winning financial PR firm that cares deeply about its clients and employees is so energizing! Joining the Caliber team is one of the best decisions I’ve made in the 21st century. Seriously.”
  16. “You feel supported and encouraged to achieve great things on projects with teams. There is no problem we can’t solve.”

As for us, we could not be more proud of this great group of people – and what we’ve built within Caliber over our 10 years in business. We’re so thankful for our clients and industry friends that have helped shape Caliber into the incredible agency it is today.

We are excited for the future and ready to embrace all that’s to come. Cheers to the next 10 years!

Grace & Harvey

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