Six Takeaways from New York FinTech Week 2024.

Aaron Enneking
Posted on Apr. 29, 2024
Fintech + Financial Services

Spanning multiple venues across the city, New York FinTech Week has become one of the most hotly anticipated annual events in the world of financial technology, bringing together innovators at every level, industry reporters and more.

From Fintech Is Femme’s inaugural leadership summit, discussions about AI and ESG at The Climate Has Changed in Fintech breakfast to the The Financial Revolutionist’s Bourbon & Bites happy hour there was no shortage of insightful conversations.

Here, we’ve compiled six takeaways from the Caliber team.

Fintech Is Femme Leadership Summit

1. Innovation will be a key driver in building a more equitable financial ecosystem.

Catharine Rybeck, senior account executive 

“Kicking off New York FinTech Week with the Fintech Is Femme Leadership Summit was truly a breath of fresh air! Being surrounded by some of the most impactful women in fintech and financial services opened up a world of inspiring conversations I cannot wait to see carry on throughout this year and those to come. From Gen Z in finance, to creating a more equitable financial ecosystem, to target sectors ripe for innovation, this inaugural summit was one to remember!”

2. Expect greater regulatory scrutiny of banking as a service (BaaS).

Alex Nye, director of business development

“The conversation at Empire FinTech Conference, the marquee event of the week, centered on the future of AI, bitcoin and banking regulation. While many different viewpoints were shared, there seemed to be a clear consensus that everyone expects greater regulatory scrutiny related to banking innovation.”

3. With ESG, asset managers are taking a step back to refine their approach.

Kristie Galvani, chief operating officer

“I found it very interesting to dive deeper into how data continues to play an impactful role in ESG efforts — especially since we have clients in this space. Also, the importance of taking a step back when it comes to ESG efforts. One of my favorite quotes from the presentation was ‘Like all asset managers, we started to run with ESG before we could walk.’”

4. In a pitch, sometimes less really is more.

David Yaghutiel, senior account executive

“New York FinTech Week provided the perfect opportunity to shed light on today’s most promising fintech entrepreneurs — for example, at Fintech Sandbox‘s virtual Demo Day and in-person VIP reception. It was fascinating to learn about the work that these startup leaders are doing, and how they’re building technologies for the future of fintech. It was also a great reminder that during a busy conference week with countless networking opportunities and connections, the ‘elevator pitch’ is of the utmost importance! These entrepreneurs know better than anyone that less is more!”

Bourbon & Bites New York FinTech Week 2024

5. With every passing year, fintech becomes more embedded in traditional finance.

Nicole Lombardo, account manager

“After New York FinTech Week, it’s evident that fintech is taking over financial services. In today’s market, discussions about finance invariably include technology. With each passing day, fintech grows more innovative, embedding itself deeper into the financial ecosystem.”

6. At its core, New York FinTech Week is about building bridges.

Caitlinn Riedell, senior account executive

The Financial Revolutionist’s Bourbon & Bites happy hour was another dynamic fusion of business and fun to top off New York FinTech Week. Engaging with clients in-person at a great NYC venue (escaping from the rain), forging new connections with industry peers and meeting with reporters added layers of excitement to an already vibrant event. It’s where relationships deepened, opportunities multiplied and insights flourished, marking it as another successful event in my book!”

Did you attend New York FinTech Week 2024? We’d love to hear your insights. You can connect with Caliber on LinkedIn and X using the hashtags #NYFinTechWeek and #CaliberConnect to join the conversation.

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