Pride Month, celebrated in the United States in June each year, is a time for communities, individuals and businesses to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and commemorate the Stonewall Riots. In 2022, fintech and financial services companies showed up online and IRL for Pride Month in many powerful ways. Here are our top eight examples to follow for your celebration next year. Read on for 8 authentic ways fintech celebrated Pride.

1. Change Your Logo to Incorporate the LGBTQIA+ Flag

The most prominent and visual way to celebrate Pride Month is to create a variation of your company’s logo to incorporate the rainbow flag. This move should be reflected across social media channels, websites and other places where it can be updated.

Great examples we saw in 2022:

Image credit: Logos sourced from companies’ public social media accounts and websites

2. Spotlight LGBTQIA+ Employees on Social Media

Employees who would like to tell their stories can be highlighted during Pride Month. Many companies have LGBTQIA+ employee resource groups (ERGs) to highlight if individual employees prefer not to take the spotlight.

This strategy helps elevate LGBTQIA+ individuals in the company to demonstrate the company’s supportive culture and DE&I priorities.

Great examples we saw in 2022: Northern Trust (and back it up with a blog post) and PayPal (also with a great blog post).

3. Encourage your Leaders to Speak up

When the C-Suite publicly supports and applauds their employees for the company’s Pride Month effort, it shows that inclusion is important all the way up to the top of the org chart.

Great example we saw in 2022: Symphony

4. Elevate and Amplify LGBTQIA+-led Organizations

One critical strategy in advancing inclusion and acceptance is to elevate and amplify LGBTQIA-led initiatives through your channels. Use your company’s soapbox to show support.

Great example we saw in 2022: Fintech Sandbox

5. Shine a Spotlight on the Data to Inspire Change

Where there is data to show opportunities for change and growth, shine a spotlight on the numbers. Calling out the lack of LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the financial services space can help make the case for change.

Great example we saw in 2022: Information Venture Partners

6. Use Your Podcast as a Forum

Ensure your company’s podcast highlights LGBTQIA+ stories during Pride Month. This is another way to let customers, team members and partners share their story to educate and inform your audience.

Great example we saw in 2022: Alto

7. Consult an Expert

If your company is interested in boosting your efforts to promote inclusion for LGBTQIA+ people, the best way to proceed is to hire an expert on the topic to train your team. Get in touch with DE&I specialists, like Bryce J. Celotto, M.A.T.Madison ButlerA.C. Fowlkes, PhDCelia Sandhya Daniels, Nate (Spierer) Shalev and Ellen Wagner,who each specialize in corporate trainings on LGBTQIA+ inclusion, to take your company-wide initiatives to the next level.

8. Think Beyond June

Finally, ensure your Pride Month communications plan is part of a bigger story of commitment to LGBTQIA+ customers and team members. By thinking beyond the month of June, your content marketing and social media marketing around Pride Month will be more than just a one-time gesture. It is paramount to develop and communicate the company’s integrated approach to supporting LGBTQIA+ team members and customers during Pride Month – and year-round.

Great examples we saw in 2022: US BankMastercard

A Final Word on Showing Your Fintech’s LGBTQIA+ Support

These eight moves can be clear ways for a fintech or financial services company to show LGBTQIA+ support during Pride Month. However, if these strategies are not backed up with substantive policies and actions that demonstrate authentic allyship, they could be perceived as performative allyship and cause more harm than good. Speaking out online through content marketing or social media marketing should always be one of many strategies, part of a holistic approach to DE&I in your company.