Three Things to Look Out for at DIGIN 2019.

Posted on May. 17, 2019
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Insurtech + Insurance

Insurtech remains one of the hottest subsectors within all of financial technology, with VC money pouring in with regularity and new startups continually popping up with plans to disrupt the industry.

That’s why we’re especially excited to attend this year’s DIGIN conference in the beautiful city of Austin, Texas (and why does it feel like every fintech conference is in Austin these days?). The three-day agenda is packed with insightful speakers, innovative demos and the latest cutting-edge trends in the insurance technology space. Here are a few of the things we’re looking forward to:

The future of driverless cars

Automobiles that can drive themselves have moved out of the realm of science fiction, and into science fact. But with this new reality comes a whole host of questions, chief among them: how do you insure an autonomous vehicle? It’s vastly different from underwriting a human, where driving history, health and other factors can be taken under consideration. Creating insurance products for driverless cars looks be a big topic of conversation at the conference, including one panel featuring an Uber executive (a company that has made headlines for its own self-driving vehicles)

And just as telematics have been used in more accurately insuring human drivers – recording speed, distance traveled and other driving aspects – there’s high hopes they can also play a critical role in insuring autonomous vehicles. We’re looking forward to the several panels on these and other issues pertaining to the bold new world of robot cars.

Evolving the customer experience

Insurance, like all other financial services, is in the midst of something of a digital crisis. It serves a customer base that wants products and services delivered digitally, seamlessly, in real-time and with little to no hassle. Consumers are influenced by their interaction with firms such as Amazon, Apple and others, and want every company they deal with – including insurers – to offer the same experience. But saddled with legacy technology and a lack of an innovation culture, traditional insurance firms often struggle to deliver this experience.

In that vein, there will be several panels devoted to topics on customer engagement, personalized services and creating more innovative products. Along with how cutting-edge tech – such as AI and chatbots – fit into this paradigm. We look forward to hearing what the best and brightest minds in both traditional insurance and insurtech have to say on this critical topic.

Steve Wozniak

Although the less-famous of the two co-founders of Apple, Steve Wozniack is nonetheless a giant in the tech industry, and someone whom we are very excited to hear speak. The fact that a huge name like Wozniack is taking part in a fireside chat at an insurtech conference speaks to how important the industry has become. “Woz” will be touching on topic including the aforementioned autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and likely much, much more.

And, it’s not the only insurance technology conference Wozniack is speaking at this year either. Which again points to the growing cache the insurtech space has. All in all, the chance to hear from one of the biggest visionaries the technology industry has ever seen is one we won’t pass up.

Goat Yoga at the Hilton Austin

Is there an event that more typifies the essence of Austin than this one? Just be sure to grab your breakfast tacos afterwards. You’ve earned them.

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