Four Takeaways from ITC Vegas 2023.

Sarah Leach
Posted on Dec. 01, 2023
Insurtech + Insurance

InsureTech Connect, also known as ITC Vegas, is the world’s largest insurtech event – offering unparalleled access to the most comprehensive and global gathering of tech entrepreneurs, investors, and insurance industry professionals. The industry convenes at ITC to showcase new innovations, to help attendees learn how to increase productivity and reduce costs, and ultimately to enrich the lives of policyholders.

Caliber team members and clients joined in Las Vegas to attend ITC. We left invigorated about new innovations in insurance and with countless new connections and ideas. Read on for the Caliber team’s takeaways and highlights from our clients from ITC 2023.

Four Takeaways from ITC Vegas 2023

1. Seeing how many people were engaged at ITC fuels my passion for the future of insurance.

Kristie Galvani, managing director

“The biggest takeaway from ITC was that people were engaged. Many times you go to conferences and everyone is heads down on their phones or laptop working, but at ITC people are building relationships and learning about the future of the insurance industry including technology, GenAI, the customer experience, embedded insurance and more.”

2. The most impactful way to elevate the quality of client relationships is by taking advantage of in-person time to get to know them and what’s most important to them.

Ryan Hall, senior director

“ITC was impactful because I had the opportunity to connect with several clients face-to-face. It’s invaluable to spend time with client teams in-person, as you get to know who they are and what’s important to them on a more personable level. That knowledge and time together helps foster a deeper connection and better working relationship, particularly with newer clients who are still getting to know Caliber, our team and how we approach events like ITC.”

3. When insurtech media talks, we listen!

Maddie Hirsch, account manager

“My biggest takeaway from ITC 2023 is that insurtech media is continuously growing and excited to learn about new companies breaking into the industry. Our team at Caliber had the opportunity to partner with ITC to run the press room, which gave us a chance to meet the journalists we pitch and work with every day in person. There were about 25+ journalists for 10,000 conference attendees, which meant these journalists and podcast hosts were constantly interviewing with sources from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. all three days of the conference. We got to read a ton of incredible stories recapping insights and trends from the conference showing how companies are innovating the insurance industry.” 

4. ITC gave us the opportunity to expand our perspectives through every interaction, which will help us be even better partners for our clients.

Emily Mann, account manager

“Every interaction is an opportunity to gain some perspective – whether it’s learning, sharing experiences, meeting potential clients or interacting with media members on the stories they are working on.”

Must-see conference highlights from our clients




Driver Technologies




We’re already looking forward to ITC Vegas 2024, which will be back in Las Vegas from October 15-17. While you’re there, connect with Caliber on LinkedIn and X and use the hashtags #ITCVegas and #CaliberConnect to join the conversation.

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