How to Add Value – Not Noise – with Content Marketing.

Posted on May. 04, 2020
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Content Marketing

We’ve been hearing a common question from many Caliber clients: During this unprecedented time, what can we do to stay in front of our customers and prospects?

Our answer? Up the ante on content marketing. This is one thoughtful method to stay in front of your customer base and prospects and keep your brand on the radar at a time when face-to-face conversations aren’t possible.

But, keep in mind that the internet was a noisy place long before we had heard of COVID-19. And with so many brands vying for attention digitally right now, the decibel reading has increased.

Look to add value — not noise — by considering these quick tips:

  1. Be mindful, not tone deaf. Now is a time for facts and less fluff. There are certain messages — such as product launches or sales pitches — that may fall flat with your target audience right now. If you can wait, postpone non-urgent items for a later date, when your message has a better chance of resonating. Be mindful and ask yourself, “How can we use content right now to show our company’s human, empathetic side?”
  2. Produce tips and guides. In short: be helpful. Most companies are experiencing a disruption in normal, day-to-day business operations. Consider creating helpful guides for clients to help navigate the new normal. Be a thought leader and look to provide relevant and useful content to help educate and inform; lead with your perspective, not your products or services.
  3. Look ahead. Discuss what your clients and prospects can do now to prepare for a post-COVID environment. Now is a time to be forward-looking — what should your clients expect from your company (or industry) in the next week, month or two months? Share what you think their business environment will look like, offer how your company will have changed, provide educational pieces or present your outlook for your industry.
  4. Tailor your message for the times. If your content reads like something you would have put out six months ago, you should revise. Ensure your messaging has evolved to the new environment, is customized for today’s market condition and addresses the current challenges and needs of your audience.
  5. Keep things short and snappy. Content that is straight-shooting and to the point is what will resonate most right now. Concise blogs and to-the-point social posts are where to spend most of your time.

Finding internal bandwidth for content marketing can be a challenge — especially with the additional stressors at play today. Caliber offers subject matter expertise in financial services, insurance and real estate.

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