Fintech Events Roundup H2 2024.

Aaron Enneking
Posted on Jun. 11, 2024

The Complete Guide to Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Real Estate Industry Conferences

The second half of 2024 is packed with noteworthy events for businesses and professionals in banking, fintech, financial services, insurance, insurtech, real estate, proptech and more — providing ample opportunities to learn about the latest trends and grow your network.

With that, we just put out our H2 2024 fintech event roundup, featuring more than 65 industry events. Click here for the full list.

To help you decide what conferences make the most sense for you, we’re looking at some of the key events each month — as well as sharing tips for making the most of your conference experience. So let’s dig in!

Q3 financial, insurance and real estate industry events

July 2024

Fintech Marketing Summer Conference London 2024 | London | July 2

The Fintech Marketing Summer Conference will bring together marketers and fintech professionals to discuss digital marketing trends, customer engagement and brand building in the financial technology sector.

CXFS | Boston | July 15–16

Growth-minded professionals from many of the biggest brands will gather at CXFS 2024 to discuss innovative strategies for enhancing customer experiences and satisfaction.

Bitcoin 2024 | Nashville, Tenn. | July 25–27

Bitcoin 2024 will bring together cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, developers and industry leaders for three days of keynotes, panel discussions and workshops focused on Bitcoin and the latest blockchain technology.

August 2024

Fintech Devcon 2024 | Austin, Texas | August 7–9

Exclusively for financial tech developers, Fintech Devcon will feature coding workshops, hackathons and other opportunities to learn tools, best practices and industry secrets. And as they say, “no sales pitches allowed.”

Ai4 2024 | Las Vegas | August 12–14

North America’s biggest artificial intelligence event, Ai4 will explore applications across various industries. Topics will include AI in politics, the changing regulatory landscape, operational transformation, fraud detection and personalized customer service solutions.

Blockchain Futurist Conference 2024 | Toronto | August 13–14

The Blockchain Futurist Conference will highlight advancements in blockchain technology and its implications for the financial sector. Keynote speakers will include blockchain pioneers and industry experts.

September 2024

FinovateFall 2024 | New York | September 9–11

Known for its live product demonstrations, where startups and established companies present their latest technologies, FinovateFall will showcase cutting-edge innovations in financial tech. 

Boston Fintech Week 2024 | Boston | September 16–20

Presented by Fintech Sandbox, Boston Fintech Week will bring together fintech professionals to discuss innovation, collaboration and growth in the sector. Sessions will cover digital banking, blockchain, inclusion and diversity, preparing for an IPO, regulatory changes, and more.

Blueprint 2024 | Las Vegas | September 17–19

Blueprint 2024 will bring together real estate and construction tech startups, industry executives and VCs to network and engage in discussions about proptech and the future of the industry.

Q4 financial, insurance and real estate industry events

October 2024

ADVISE AI 2024 | Las Vegas | October 9–10

At ADVISE AI, financial professionals and AI experts will converge to explore the integration of artificial intelligence in financial planning. The event includes interactive sessions highlighting AI-driven strategies for enhancing client services and operational efficiency.

Small Biz Banking 2024 | Las Vegas | October 9–10

Bringing together banking professionals and industry experts to discuss strategies and solutions tailored for small businesses, Small Biz Banking includes sessions on leveraging digital transformation, managing credit risk and exploring innovative lending solutions.

InsureTech Connect ITC Vegas 2024 | Las Vegas | October 15–17

One of the industry’s biggest annual events, InsureTech Connect ITC Vegas will focus on the intersection of insurance and technology. Here, industry leaders will explore the next generation of claims and underwriting, customer acquisition and retention,  risk management, and much more.

The Most Powerful Women in Banking | New York | October 22–23

Celebrating the achievements and contributions of leading women in the industry, The Most Powerful Women in Banking will focus on topics ranging from AI implementation to leadership and culture.

Money20/20 USA 2024 | Las Vegas | October 27–30

The largest and most influential gathering of the global money ecosystem, Money20/20 USA is a can’t miss opportunity. Topics include AI-powered financial advice, payments, cannabis banking, fintech regulation, financial automation and a whole lot more.

November 2024

Singapore FinTech Festival 2024 | Singapore | November 6–8

A major gathering for fintech professionals in Asia, the Singapore FinTech Festival will feature keynote addresses, panel discussions and networking opportunities with global fintech leaders.

VentureTech 2024 | Frisco, Texas | November 12–14

The premier fintech showcase for the credit union industry, VentureTech provides a platform for startups to pitch their ideas to potential venture investors, credit unions, CUSOs and credit union leagues.

CREtech New York 2024 | New York | November 13–14

CREtech New York will bring together more than 3,500 real estate professionals for sessions on hot-button topics such as climate change, sustainable building practices and more.

December 2024

FinTech Connect 2024 | London | December 4–5

Bringing together fintech professionals to discuss the latest trends and technologies in the industry, FinTech Connect 2024 includes sessions on how legacy banks can remain relevant, the keys to successful fintech partnerships and applying disruptive technology without disrupting customers.

Real Estate Forum 2024 | Toronto | December 4–5

Real Estate Forum will gather more than 2,700 senior leaders in the commercial real estate industry to discuss national and global trends, risks, challenges and opportunities. 

Of course, the events mentioned here are just a few of the industry conferences taking place during the second half of 2024.

Download the full H2 fintech events list to find the right event(s) for you.

Tips for attending fintech and related industry events

First time attending an industry conference? Here are a few tips for making the most of your experience.

Plan ahead to maximize your experience 

Preparation is key to a successful conference experience. This includes researching speakers, getting a feel for the conference space and how long it takes to get around, familiarizing yourself with the key themes of the event, identifying sessions of interest and setting clear objectives for what you hope to achieve there. 

Additionally, take advantage of the incredible networking opportunities by reaching out to and scheduling meetings with key contacts well in advance. It’s also a good idea to provide contacts with more than one way to reach you, just in case someone has trouble with the app, forgets their password, etc.

Apply effective networking strategies

Before you head out, have your elevator pitch ready. To craft a compelling pitch for your business:

  1. Start with a hook: Open with an attention-grabbing statement or question that addresses a common pain point in your industry.
  2. Introduce your business: Briefly explain what your company does in clear, jargon-free language.
  3. Highlight unique value: Emphasize what sets your business apart and why it matters to your target audience.
  4. Provide a quick example: Share a short success story or concrete example that illustrates your value proposition.
  5. Be prepared for dialogue: Keep it brief to invite further questions and conversation, setting the stage for deeper engagement.

You should also be prepared to share your contact information, whether that’s via a business card or via your phone, LinkedIn, etc. And, of course, don’t forget to follow up after the event.

Creating and engaging in social media discussions using event hashtags can also enhance your networking efforts, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Come prepared 

Be sure to pack essentials such as comfortable clothing and shoes, a notebook and pen, phone and computer chargers, a portable phone battery, etc.

Let’s meet up at one of the year’s biggest financial industry events

Caliber may have just wrapped up a busy H1, but now we’re setting our sights toward an even busier fall, including attending ADVISE AI, Money20/20 USA, InsureTech Connect ITC Vegas 2024, Small Biz Banking 2024 and more. We’d love to meet you at one of these leading industry conferences. 

Caliber partners with The Financial Revolutionist to host curated networking events during many larger fintech and insurtech shows. If you’d like to sponsor a networking event (or events), email Sarah Leach, director of partnerships, at

And, of course, follow Caliber on LinkedIn and X for updates, exclusive discount codes for select events, conference recaps and more.

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