Staff Spotlight: Caliber Senior Manager Heather Valle.

Kate Forster
Posted on May. 16, 2022
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What’s it like to have a remote public relations job in New York City? In this Staff Spotlight, we highlight a Caliber Senior Manager, Heather Valle, a mid-career public relations professional. She sat down with our Culture Manager, Kate Forster, to talk about why she loves fintech public relations, reading and leading a team. Read more about our Summer Graduate Associate program leader and all-around rising star!

Kate: Since we’re currently a work-from-home friendly workplace, tell us about “home” for you!

Heather: I grew up in Piscataway, NJ and I currently live in Long Branch, NJ — close to the beach! I left New Jersey for 4 years to attend college in Washington, D.C., but I moved back after graduation to pursue pubic relations jobs in New York City.

Kate: What’s your favorite part of your job as a Caliber Senior Manager?

Heather: My team is my favorite part of this job. I have never met a more friendly and collaborative bunch. We all want to see each other achieve personal and professional success. Experiencing our supportive, team-focused environment makes me excited to lead this year’s Caliber Summer Graduate Program to help train the next generation of public relations talent.

Kate: What do you like to do outside of work?

Heather: Read! I read 24 books in 2021 and my goal is to read 36 in 2022. I also love a good themed party. I had a luau-themed (August) birthday party for about 10 years in a row.

Staff Spotlight: Caliber Senior Manager Heather Valle

Kate: Since joining Caliber, what career milestone makes you proud?

Heather: Starting at Caliber in 2021 marked my fifth year in a public relations job in New York City. I have since helped clients announce funding rounds and product launches, garnering ideal top-tier and trade media coverage in publications like The Wall Street Journal and TechCrunch. These hits are the final result of dedicated work – initial messaging, brainstorming media angles, developing relationships with reporters, arranging interviews, following through post-interview and, finally, seeing the client’s name in a headline. It still always makes me pause and think: wow, I did that. And now, when you google my client, they will show up on the first page!

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Kate: What’s one thing that amazes you about fintech or innovation in financial services?

Heather: As a customer, I expect my banking/financial services to be quick and easy, and working with fintech companies every day, I get to see the passion and hard work that goes into making that happen. Working in this industry also opens my eyes to the customer-focused integrations I should be taking advantage of, that I am currently not – like mobile and contactless payments (I still whip out my cards) and automated investing tools to help save for retirement (I have been slacking).

Kate: If you had to include one ingredient in every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Heather: Chocolate. I have a sweet tooth! Let’s add chocolate to everything.

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