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Kate Forster
Posted on Nov. 14, 2022
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Based in Long Island, New York, Caliber Account Manager Jamie Kemp joined the team in 2019. This avid reader and TikTok chef sat down with Caliber Culture Manager, Kate Forster, to talk about her career in public relations and content marketing for financial services and fintech companies. Read on to learn more about Caliber Account Manager Jamie Kemp in this Staff Spotlight interview.

Kate: Since we’re a work-from-home friendly workplace, tell us about “home” for you!

Jamie: Home is the seaside town of Long Beach in Long Island, specifically on the western end. I’m lucky to be a three minute walk to the beach, and on nice days, it’s where I escape when I need a quick break. I spent my entire life going to the beach with my family, and when my boyfriend and I were looking for places to live amid the pandemic, this town was a no-brainer.

Since I spend the majority of my day at home, I knew I needed an office with a ton of natural light. Long Beach is a neighborhood where people of all ages are eager to say “hi, how are you?” when you’re out and about. My home is a special place for me because I get to be close to my family and friends, as well as New York City, which is only a train ride away.

Kate: Since joining Caliber, what career milestone makes you proud?

Jamie: Throughout my three (ish) years at Caliber, I’ve been most proud of the progress I’ve made in my career. Starting in 2019 (in the office) as an account executive, I was grateful for the mentorship and guidance from my colleagues to empower me to move up in my career. The progress I’ve made at Caliber has been tremendous—I’ve been promoted twice, and in my role as content manager, I’ve revamped our content marketing offering.

I’m proud of my professional progress in the three short years I’ve been at Caliber, and it’s all thanks to the amazing leaders who help shape the future minds of this company.

In addition to my career milestones, I’ve also been grateful to find my niche within the financial services and fintech arena—insurtech. I have developed a deep understanding of the insurtech industry, from knowing the trends and players in the industry to knowing which members of the media cover it.

Kate: What do you like to do outside of work?

Jamie: If I’m not working, I’m either reading on my deck, taking an F45 workout class or spending time with friends and family. Luckily, I live close enough to my family to be able to see them multiple times a week.

Kate: What’s something your colleagues don’t know about you?

Jamie: I post cooking videos on TikTok. I’m not TikTok famous at all—although one video did get over 1,000 views!—but I love cooking. Why not show people my recipes while having fun doing so?

Staff Spotlight: Caliber Account Manager | Jamie Kemp

Kate: What’s your favorite part of your job as a Caliber account manager?

Jamie: My favorite part of my job as an account manager is being a mentor to the junior-level staff on my account teams. I know how important it is to have guidance from management when you’re just starting out in PR, so I feel like it’s my duty and privilege to guide newcomers in how to think about the work they’re producing.

Kate: What’s one accomplishment from your childhood that you still brag about?

Jamie: I have a few! Growing up, I participated in singing competitions, representing my school at All County. I was always shy about my singing and only close friends and family have ever heard me sing (except those in the crowd at Karaoke nights).

I also submitted a photograph I took for a competition in high school. The theme was “Diversity Is..” and my photo was selected as a finalist out of 10,000 submissions.

Also, I was once an extra in a movie with James Franco and Emma Roberts! That’s a fun fact I often brag about!

Kate: What’s your all-time favorite book? What’s the most recent book you’ve read?

Jamie: I’ve always been an avid reader and throughout the years have loved reading historic fiction novels. My all-time favorite book is called Sarah’s Key written by Tatiana de Rosnay. I’ve read it numerous times and each time it gets better and better.

The most recent book I’ve read is The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. This book allows the readers to reflect on their own lives in a deep way and had me hooked in the first chapter.

Kate: What’s one thing that amazes you about fintech or innovation in financial services?

Jamie: It always amazes me when I hear my clients talking about a new offering that I never knew the industry needed. When I hear how it will help their clients and I think from their perspective, I’m always amazed at the teams who develop each particular innovation.

For example, one of my insurtech clients has been democratizing insurance, making it easier for people to get insurance coverage by embedding their products into non-insurance companies’ offerings. Think about a time you were booking a flight and you had the option to add on trip insurance—more times than not, you’ll insure your flight in case of emergencies. Before this, were you looking to insure your trip with an insurance company? I know I wasn’t. Insurtechs are making it so easy for people like you and me to insure different aspects of our personal property by clicking a button. This is the type of innovation I love to see and always amazes me.

Kate: What are you most thankful for?

Jamie: I am most thankful for my family and support system. They are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters. I can always count on them to be there for me when I need them the most. The last few years have been crazy for everyone, so having a solid support system in place was a saving grace I never want to take for granted.

Kate: If you had to include one ingredient in every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jamie: GARLIC! Growing up in an Italian-American family, I’ve learned not only how to cook really well but to appreciate different cuisines and cultures. Garlic is a staple ingredient in every meal I make because, why not…

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