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June – August 2022.

Posted on Jun. 02, 2022
Fintech + Financial Services

Hey there! I’m Laura Grace, your point person at Caliber for all upcoming fintech events. I’m back with another round-up of fintech events, just in time for the summer 2022 rush!

Keep reading for the summer 2022 fintech event round-up.

We’re aware it can be tough to stay on the pulse of events with a quickly changing environment amidst an ongoing pandemic. That’s why we curate an events round-up – to take the headache out of it for you and equip you with the information needed to make strategic decisions for your event strategy. Our round-ups include details on date, locations (both virtual and in-person), pricing and more.

At Caliber, we passionately believe that events are and should continue to be an important piece of your company’s marketing strategy, offering countless networking opportunities and a platform to tell your brand’s story. Need some guidance on your 2022 events strategy? We would love to talk!

The Caliber crew in NYC for Fin & Juice, our fintech/insurtech/financial services happy hour we co-hosted with The Financial Revolutionist, ForwardAI & Grasshopper Bank. 
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