We get it. You’re wondering: How do I make the most of my time in Las Vegas at InsureTech Connect? We’re here to give you three things insurtechs should look for at ITC 2022, with a snapshot of the events, sessions and trends you need to know about to make your time in Vegas worth the investment.

  1. High-Quality Insurance & Insurtech Networking Opportunities
  2. Conference Sessions for Insurtechs
  3. Insurance Industry Trends

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1. High-Quality Insurance & Insurtech Networking Opportunities

ITC is a great opportunity to connect with insurance and insurtech entrepreneurs, experts, reporters and PR/marketing professionals involved in the industry. Networking is the name of the game at this insurance conference.

As Caliber Senior Account Executive Jamie Kemp put it, “I’m excited to meet new companies and reporters that are answering the groundbreaking questions, shaping the insurance industry and making insurance more accessible to people all over the world.” We hope you are, too, insurtech exec!

ITC 2022 networking events the Caliber team won’t miss

Blues Bash – An exclusive, curated ITC networking event, hosted by The Financial Revolutionist, InsurTech NY and Caliber.

2. Conference Sessions for Insurtechs

Kemp noted, “I’m excited to hear what’s new within the insurance industry. I had the opportunity to represent Caliber at ITC 2021, and this year I hope to learn as much as I can about trends within the industry.”

Account Manager Heather Valle agreed, “I look forward to attending some sessions to get ahead of insurtech trends.”

For a full conference lineup with the ability to filter sessions by track, view the ITC 2022 agenda.

ITC 2022 sessions the Caliber team won’t miss

  • Expanding Embedded Partnership to Drive Growth Through New Distribution Channels panel discussion (Distribution Track: Islander H) – Hear Jim Dwane, CEO of bolt US, along with Angus McDonald, Dhirendra Mahyavanshi, Niki Manby and Ryan Cole. (10:30 am PT on Wednesday, September 21)
  • Ask Me Anything: Modern Distribution for the Modern Insurer Presented by Vertafore (Distribution Track: Islander H) – Get the chance to ask industry veteran Jackie Morales a question as she takes the stage with Kelly Maheu. (2:00 pm PT on Wednesday, September 21)
  • In the Hot Seat of an Insurtech CEO panel keynote (Main Stage) – Learn from Rob Schimek, CEO of bolttech, along with Gil Arazi, Guy Goldstein, Madhu Tadikonda and Rick McCathron. (9:00 am PT on Thursday, September 22)
  • Insurance Pricing and Underwriting Innovation – A Strategic Imperative by Akur8 and Milliman (Underwriting Track: Islander F) – Explore real case studies and learn from Brune de Linares, John Ferraro, Joseph Good, Michael Stienstra, Samuel Falmagne, Sheri Scott and Thomas Holmes. (2:00 pm PT on Thursday, September 22)
  • The Future of Insurance is Here. Like the InsureTech Connect 2022 conference theme tells you, the future isn’t some far off vision. Valle encourages insurtechs to know where they add value now and keep an open mind about what the future holds. “Come with a unique point of view to help shape the future of the industry while keeping an open mind to shape the future of their business. The agenda is full of sessions on what the future of insurtech talent is looking for, and what future customers are looking for. It’s wise to take advantage of these learnings.”
  • Collaboration and Innovation are Friends, Not Foes. Kemp encourages insurtechs to think about partnerships as a means to further innovations. “Partnerships are key to evolving in any industry. This year, I’d hope insurance companies and insurtechs take ITC as an opportunity to learn from potential partners within the industry about how to enhance capabilities. Collaboration has the power to drive innovation, and this conference can lead to great innovations within insurance.”

We hope we have given you a clearer picture of what’s happening at ITC 2022 for insurtechs and other industry players. With this list of the three things insurtechs should look for at ITC 2022, you’re in-the-know about the events, sessions and trends that will make it worth attending.

If you’ll be in Las Vegas at ITC 2022, connect with us on social media at @CaliberComms or Caliber on LinkedIn and be sure to follow #ITC2022 on Twitter. We look forward to seeing you there!