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The Fintech Pandemic Playbook includes a hybrid of data analytics and market context and provides a framework for founders, C-suite executives, investors, and subject matter experts navigating not only the current crisis, but also the path forward.

What people are saying about The Fintech Pandemic Playbook

“Initial takeaway – there are some incredibly powerful headline-inducing commentary and talking points here that I don’t see enough of anywhere else.”
– Co-founder & CPO of a mid-stage wealth tech

“Really really well done and super thorough – there’s a lot of insights in here that are unique to you and I haven’t seen elsewhere.”
– Co-founder & CEO of a mid-stage capital markets tech

“Congrats on the playbook. {Our investor} shared it a few days ago and I’ve made it through about 3/4 through so far – it’s really useful stuff.”
– Co-founder & CEO of an insurtech

Areas of focus for the division include:

  • Market capabilities analysis
  • Customer profile discovery
  • Product roadmap advisory
  • Growth and customer acquisition strategies
  • Key performance indicator development

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