Communication lessons – what to learn from Robinhood
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Now the dust is settling somewhat from the recent Gamestop/Robinhood circus - what can we learn from a communications perspective? As the stock prices for GameStop, AMC and others tumble back to reality, the implications for Robinhood continue to play out. On the one hand,
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How to develop robust content pillars for your fintech
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Don’t waste time churning out fintech content that doesn’t add value. Be systematic about it. Fintech communications professionals and marketers rely on great content to drive lead acquisition, nurturing and customer success. But complex concepts are often at the core of your products and services.
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WFH – make the most of it, fintech marketers!
Building culture and onboarding new staff takes creative thinking and a little more effort for communicators working from home. As fintech marketers, we thrive when working in creative, collaborative environments. So much of our work requires a group of talented minds all coming together to
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Fintech events in 2021 – a forced evolution
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2021 will be a brighter year for events – especially for fintech events run by marketers who think creatively and leverage the lessons we learned in 2020. As far as fintech events are concerned, virtual is here to stay in 2021 – whether we like
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Fintech Marketing in 2021 – plan for a year of two halves
fintech marketing 2021, plan for a year of two halves
2021 is likely to be a year of two halves - but what should the focus be for those in fintech marketing? 2020 was the year that blew up fintech marketing plans. While there is still uncertainty ahead of us, fintech has been a bright
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Q&A with Stephen Sumner, Senior Director
Caliber Q&A with Stephen Sumner, Senior Director Our CEO, Harvey Hudes virtually sat down with Senior Director, Stephen Sumner to dig more into his background, what he's excited about at Caliber and more. Harvey: Is this the career path you envisioned for yourself when you
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14 Virtual Must-Attend Fintech Events
The world of events has changed dramatically with the arrival of COVID-19, but many of our favorite events are still set to take place in Q4.  Event organizers are stepping up their game by developing top-notch educational sessions and enabling technology to foster networking opportunities
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Caliber Intelligence Releases The Fintech Pandemic Playbook: A Navigational Framework for Founders, CEOs and Investors
The first of many to come, Caliber Intelligence today released its inaugural industry study, The Fintech Pandemic Playbook, a hybrid of data analytics and market context and provides a framework for navigating the current crisis and the path forward in a post-COVID world.  The study,
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Q&A with Jacqueline Silva, Senior Advisor
Caliber Q&A with Jacqueline Silva, Managing Director Our President, Grace Keith Rodriguez *virtually* sat down with our new Senior Advisor, Jacqueline Silva to dig more into her background, what she’s excited about at Caliber and more. Grace: What has it been like starting amidst a
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Spotlight: A New Marketing & Communications Solution for Early & Growth Stage FinTechs
Caliber Corporate Advisers announced today the launch of Spotlight by Caliber, a marketing and communications solution designed for early and growth stage FinTech, InsurTech and PropTech companies. Spotlight combines industry expertise and proprietary intelligence tools for in-house sales and marketing teams to accelerate their marketing
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