Fintech PR Insights from Tearsheet’s Acquire Conference 2021

Grace Keith Rodriguez speaking at Tearsheet Acquire Conference 2021

The list of 2021’s Fintech PR trends is long. Grace Keith Rodriguez shares insight as a panelist in this year’s Tearsheet Acquire Conference.

Communication lessons – what to learn from Robinhood

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Now the dust is settling somewhat from the recent Gamestop/Robinhood circus – what can we learn from a communications perspective? As the stock prices for GameStop, AMC and others tumble back to reality, the implications for Robinhood continue
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How to develop robust content pillars for your fintech

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Don’t waste time churning out fintech content that doesn’t add value. Be systematic about it.

Fintech Marketing in 2021 – plan for a year of two halves

fintech marketing 2021, plan for a year of two halves

As we head into what’s likely to be a year of two halves – what should Fintech marketers focus on now? 2020 was the year that blew up fintech marketing plans. While there is still uncertainty ahead of us, fintech has been a bright spot and many companies have flourished as digital transformation accelerated.

Spotlight: A New Marketing & Communications Solution for Early & Growth Stage FinTechs

Caliber Corporate Advisers announced today the launch of Spotlight by Caliber, a marketing and communications solution designed for early and growth stage FinTech, InsurTech and PropTech companies. Spotlight combines industry expertise and proprietary intelligence tools for in-house sales
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How to Add Value — Not Noise — with Content Marketing

We’ve been hearing a common question from many Caliber clients: During this unprecedented time, what can we do to stay in front of our customers and prospects?  Our answer? Up the ante on content marketing. This is one
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4 Timely Reminders for Fintech Marketing

With work from home becoming the norm for marketing communications firms during the current public health crisis, I appreciated that MassChallenge FinTech gave me an opportunity to try out this virtual event setup that’s becoming so popular! I
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Content Marketing 101

Director Lauren Perry is part of the Caliber leadership team, working across client accounts to develop and execute successful public relations and marketing plans. She is also the head of content for the firm, and helps clients to
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Why you should work with an outside expert to achieve your content goals

As we discussed in a previous blog, having a thorough content strategy is crucial today in order to attract the attention of potential customers, and turn them into actual clients. However, having a good content strategy means having
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Why content marketing is critical to growing your business

In today’s world, people are inundated with advertising and marketing messages, so much so that they make it a point to avoid them whenever possible. Email, TV, and radio constantly target consumers and all too often, the messages
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