Upcoming Fintech Events for Q3 & Q4 2021.

Posted on Aug. 27, 2021
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How is your fintech events strategy looking for the rest of 2021? Here are a few of the key events coming up in Q3 & Q4 this year.

Event programming has been a little unpredictable in 2021 with some going back to in-person, while others stay virtual or go hybrid. But as the calendar settles for the rest of the year, it’s a good time to plan out your strategy.

We use Event Analyzer to track financial services and fintech events. It’s the most comprehensive single source for events in our industry.

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Here’s 5 key events in fintech and insurtech coming up this quarter. There are plenty more covered in Event Analyzer.

Finovate Fall – Sep 13 – 15
Finovate Fall is in-person in New York with live demos of innovative fintech solutions, expert advice from key influencers, and great networking opportunities. Key sponsors include Backbase, Outsystems and Mastercard.

TechCrunch Disrupt – Sep 21 – 23
TechCrunch Disrupt is virtual with two focuses: founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs. Key sponsors include Canva, Google and Xero.

LEND360 – Oct 4 – 6
LEND360 is in-person in Dallas for leaders in online lending. It explores fintech industry trends and new technologies impacting consumer lenders, small business lenders, and more. Key sponsors include LoanPayment Pro, QFund and Equifax.

US Fintech Symposium Oct 4 – 22
US Fintech Symposium is a virtual (returning to in-person in May 2022) semi-annual fintech conference covering practical uses of advanced enterprise technologies within the finance and financial services industries. Key sponsors include Corcentric Live Earth and OpenSymmetry.

DigIn – Dec 8-10 & 15-17
DigIn is the flagship event for the digital insurance industry which this year is both virtual and in-person in San Diego. Focuses include new legislative reform, economic instability, disruptions driven by tech and competitive stresses, to name a few. Sponsors are yet to be announced.

Event Analyzer is tracking over 250 fintech and financial services events this year. It’s the most comprehensive single source for planning out your strategy over the next year.

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