Staff Spotlight: Caliber Account Manager
Philipp Jago.

Kate Forster
Posted on Sep. 08, 2022
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Based in Brooklyn, New York, Caliber account manager Philipp Jago joined the team in 2020. He sat down with Caliber culture manager, Kate Forster, to talk about his career in PR for financial services and fintech companies, his interest in tech innovations and his love of traveling across the globe. Read more about Caliber account manager Philipp Jago in his Staff Spotlight interview below.

Kate: Since we’re currently a hybrid, work-from-home friendly workplace, tell us about “home” for you!

Philipp: I grew up in Salem, Germany, but I live in Brooklyn, NY now. I have also lived in Vancouver, Canada; Leipzig, Germany; and Athens, Ohio! Brooklyn is great because a) it’s Brooklyn and I love that it’s quieter, cleaner and greener than Manhattan and b) it is a short commute to one of our multi-location coworking office spaces where I enjoy spending most of my work days. I do not have any pets, but if I did have one, it would be a Beagle or Hovawart (a German breed; we had one growing up).

Kate: Since joining Caliber, what career milestone makes you proud?

Philipp: I was promoted to account manager a few months after I joined and have recently been tasked with leading our technology committee/investments across the agency! That role is right in my wheelhouse as I’m naturally curious and love exploring new technologies that make our lives as PR professionals easier, while also providing more value to our clients.

Kate: What’s your favorite part of your job as a Caliber account manager?

Philipp: I’m a tech nerd, so I love working with innovative fintech and financial services firms that come up with great products and services! When onboarding new clients, I fully immerse myself in my client’s industry and learn about their unique value proposition. I think the research & onboarding phase is most crucial as it has the potential to set the team up for long-term success – if done right. Admittedly, working with innovative clients certainly helps!

Right now, I’m working with a lending API provider that helps expand access to SMB loans, an online lender that uses alternative underwriting data to foster financial inclusion in Mexico, a pre-IPO marketplace that allows sell-side firm to invest in late-stage private equity, and the provider of the only real-time payments network in the U.S., among others. Oh, the things I’ve learned!

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Staff Spotlight: Caliber Account Manager Philipp Jago

Kate: What do you like to do outside of work?

Philipp: I love traveling and exploring new places. Many of my friends aren’t from New York (or the U.S.), which has given me the opportunity to travel to their hometowns/countries with them and see those places through a different lens (admitting, I’m still a tourist). One of my favorite trips was to Guadalajara, Mexico last year, where I really loved the tacos, ceviche and micheladas – and of course, the people.

Kate: What’s one accomplishment from your childhood that you still brag about?

Philipp: I was a pretty good swimmer growing up (and like to believe I still am), and actually participated in a few (regional) competitions – without noteworthy wins, I’m afraid. I recently signed up for a gym which has a pool (Thanks to Caliber’s wellness benefit), so I’m hoping to go more regularly again.

Kate: What’s one thing that amazes you about fintech or innovation in financial services?

Philipp: I’m particularly interested in how fintech/financial services companies are leveraging innovative technologies (and alternative data) in expanding financial access and inclusion to previously underserved communities. Some of our clients are doing this pretty successfully! The lending API provider I mentioned earlier is essentially establishing direct connections to several small business accounting platforms, which in turn, allows lenders to improve confidence in their underwriting process. By leveraging accounting data straight from the source (e.g. Quickbooks, Xero), lenders can essentially provide access to loans to borrowers with thin credit files – such as younger entrepreneurs and newer companies in general. Leveraging third-party data via direct API was a completely foreign concept not too long ago, which makes me curious about what else we’ll be able to accomplish in the future!

Kate: If you had to include one ingredient in every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Philipp: (Mexican) hot sauce. Ideally homemade, but otherwise Cholula, El Yucateco, and Valentina for snacks!

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