Staff Spotlight: Caliber Account Coordinator
Casey Rybeck.

Kate Forster
Posted on Mar. 08, 2022
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Job-seekers often wonder what is the best entry-level public relations job? We might be biased, but we think it’s right here at Caliber Corporate Advisers in an Account Coordinator role. Our Culture Manager, Kate Forster, sat down with one of Caliber’s Account Coordinators, Casey Rybeck, to talk about why she joined Caliber in September 2021 and what she likes about her work.

Kate: Since we’re currently a work-from-home friendly workplace, tell us about “home” for you!

Casey: I live in Barrington, a very (emphasis on the very) small town in southern New Jersey. As you could imagine, telling friends and family I work for a PR agency in New York City always leads to a bit of shock. Funny enough, my house has more pets than people! We have a small zoo going on here, with two cats, a puppy, a hedgehog and seven chickens. Living where I do also gives me the best of both worlds, as I’m just outside of Philadelphia when I’m looking for a bit more of an exciting scene!

Kate: What’s your favorite part of your job as a Caliber Account Coordinator?

Casey: My coworkers and the culture at Caliber are easily my favorite part of the job! Since I began my interview process as a recent college graduate, to now having been with the company for almost six months, I have never once felt as if I was on my own, even though this is a remote entry-level job. I receive support and continued encouragement to grow as a professional through any challenge I face. Overall, I’m incredibly grateful to have started my career with Caliber. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind team.

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Kate: What’s your favorite activity outside work?

Casey: Before my work day and during the weekend, exercising is one of my favorite hobbies! As I’m not very good at sitting still and being unoccupied, getting out of the house and moving for an hour or two has become something I look forward to everyday. Between going to the gym, taking a run, joining a pilates class or hiking, I love dedicating a bit of time solely to myself and something I enjoy. Now that social restrictions have eased a bit throughout the pandemic, I especially appreciate the opportunity to work out in-person with others, as opposed to my nearly two years of YouTube classes for one.

Staff Spotlight: Caliber Account Coordinator Casey Rybeck

Kate: What’s one thing that amazes you about fintech or innovation in financial services?

Casey: Fintech was never a topic of discussion in my college classes, but I truly wish it had been. I am so often amazed by the way financial technology is disrupting traditional practices, not only in organizations throughout the finance space, but also down to the everyday consumer level. The ways in which people interact with and consume fintech products are growing at such a rapid rate, and changing the world of finance as we know it. Something as common as opening a checking account can now be simplified to a two minute process on your mobile device! It really is incredible to see first-hand each new development in fintech, from large to small.

Kate: Tell us your most significant accomplishment since joining the Caliber team.

Casey: While it may sound cliché, my career with Caliber itself has been quite the accomplishment. I hadn’t expected a company as successful as this to consider me, let alone hire me, directly out of college. I feel unbelievably lucky to be with an agency that actively takes the time to build me into a skilled professional with the necessary tools to achieve my goals. One of my proudest moments so far was securing an interview for a client with a mainstream outlet with an audience of over 66 million, which resulted in both coverage and a great new reporter relationship.

Kate: If you had to include one ingredient in every meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Casey: Garlic… there always has to be garlic. When you think you’ve added enough, add more. Maybe not so fitting for dessert, but I couldn’t imagine many meals I’d enjoy without it. In all honesty, garlic is more important than salt, if you ask me!

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